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Established in 2001 in the German media and IT-hotspot Munich, Huss-PR-Consult has been helping both large international corporations and smaller ventures with an equally targeted, smart, strategic and impactful approach to PR.

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Confidence Booster: Mentors’ Clear Communications About My Worth

By Lucy Siegel | Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

I read an article today in the Huffington Post, “Pay it Forward by Mentoring the Next Generation,” by a colleague, another PR agency owner. She wrote about being mentored by her mother, the importance of mentorship and the responsibility we all should take to be mentors ourselves.

It reminded me about how lucky I am to have had several mentors, both in college and when I was starting my career. The first was my college adviser. He challenged me to be a better thinker; spent time debating with me on world affairs, politics and life in general; and handed me some unusual opportunities, such as setting up an independent study for me to help a professor friend of his do primary research for her book. He took time to really listen to me and treated me with respect, which was a clear communications signal that I was actually worthy of respect.

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