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We’re an international network of boutique PR firms founded by people who put client service first. Our guiding principles are Personal Attention, Efficiency, Focus, and Accountability.

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We understand the importance of top-notch client service, so we don’t do “formula” work. Our clients get a custom-built approach that is fast-moving, flexible and exceptionally cost-effective.

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Expansive Strategies. Bigger Results.

We offer a comprehensive set of public relations skills, using a unique combination for each assignment — bringing considerable knowledge to bear in a wide range of fields.

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International Perspective. Higher Visibility.

Our members benefit from higher visability through international partner networking — offering fresh perspectives and invaluable levels of experience.

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PRBI: A Solution for Today’s Marketplace

In 2008, a collaborative network of 36 boutique PR firms was established to provide additional expertise to these smaller firms. PR Boutiques International™ (PRBI) is a worldwide collaborative network of boutique PR firms whose principals are experienced practitioners who have held senior positions in large PR agencies and/or corporations but now put service first and work directly with clients. Member practitioners have won the highest levels of professional awards, and boast qualifications ranging from PhDs to former top journalists to attorneys. They also represent memberships in the most noteworthy international public relations and business associations.

How We Work With Clients
Organizations manage their operations in multiple markets in different ways, and we adapt our systems precisely to fit each client’s particular needs. Usually one member acts as team leader, responsible for all aspects of the program, providing a simple, one-to-one system of overview, control and billing. To ensure clarity and accountability all this is agreed at the outset. The work we undertake for each other’s clients is formally briefed in, with clear budgets and success criteria.
How We Work Together as Members
With PRBI members located throughout the world, the organization is a viable option for managing the multiple international communications issues that most companies face today — from new product introductions across borders, where local sensitivities and market conditions are paramount, to crises that can impact the value of a brand on a global level.
Become a Member
Download PRBI’s Membership Appication in PDF format and follow the submission instructions contained therein. PRBI Membership Application



53% of PRBI member firms have been in operation for 11+ years



40% of PRBI member firms hold a master’s degree or higher



92% say they would refer PRBI to other boutiques



91% find best practice sharing invaluable

Benefits of Utilizing Boutique PR Firms

Because of the ubiquitous of digital communication, it is important that a PR organization is constantly available and responsive. Collaboration between smaller agencies can be even more powerful than a large agency because they are able to work more quickly without dealing with bureaucratic hierarchies. There is no long chain of command to slow down the process. Because of a lengthy chain of command, it often takes longer for these large PR conglomerates to respond to time-sensitive issues. In today’s fast paced world of digital communication, everyone is reachable at virtually any time. The 24/7 connectivity of today’s fast-paced world requires that PR companies be ready to act immediately. This means it is crucial that a company’s PR representation responds quickly and effectively.
All companies today are faced with financial pressure and look for a positive return on investment (ROI) for every investment they make. Clients are after concrete results and the greatest ROI with the fewest costs. This is exactly what boutique PR companies provide. Because the boutique agency is run by a seasoned professional, clients receive expert counsel without the costs associated with a big brand. Small PR firms can perform with low overhead and can pass those savings on to their clients.
Boutique agencies are committed to personalizing their services in order to provide individual clients with what they need. Smaller startups receive the same attention as larger more established clients, in order to ensure that each client sees results. The senior level principal is involved with all clients, a situation that is unheard of with larger agencies.
Smaller PR firms are able to collaborate effectively across borders and respond more effectively to global and cross-border events. A team of smaller agencies can work together with senior leaders from each country and culture to ensure success on an international level. These leaders understand the cultural nuances of the individual market and can therefore navigate that market more successfully.

PRBI Member Directory:

C.J.’s World Public Relations & Communications (Seoul, South Korea)

Geni-Plus PR Consulting Company (Beijing, China)

RUSS Consulting (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Tsuki Planning (Tokyo, Japan)

Encanto PR (Milan; Rome, Italy)

Huss PR Consult (Munich, Germany)

Midnight Communications (Brighton, United Kingdom)

Results & Relations (Vienna, Austria)

TEAG Communications (Olten, Switzerland)

vom Hoff Kommunikation GmbH (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Warsaw Consultants (Warsaw, Poland)

Andrew Joseph PR (New York, NY)
Arieff Communications (San Francisco, CA; New York, NY)

Bame Public Relations (Los Angeles, CA)
Beach House PR (Newport Beach, CA)
Blue Water Communications 
(Bradenton, FL; Perrysburg, OH)
Bridge Global Strategies (New York, NY)

Darnauer Group Communications (Aspen, CO)
Decibel Blue (Phoenix, AZ; Denver, CO)
DoubleDimond Public Relations (Houston, TX)
Duo Public Relations (Seattle, WA)
Durée & Company (Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Aspen, CO)

Hagen And Partners (Leawood, KS)
High View Communications (Vancouver; Toronto, Canada)

Impress Labs (Phoenix, AZ)

Leinweber Associates (Boston, MA)

Marx Communications (Trumbull, CT)
Media & Communications Strategies (Washington D.C.)
Metrospective Communications (Philadelphia, PA)

RED PR (New York, NY)
Results & Relations (Washington, D.C.)
Rotenberg Associates (Baltimore, MD; Minneapolis, MN)

Scott Phillips + Associates (Chicago, IL)
Scott Public Relations (Los Angeles, CA)

TruePoint Communications (Dallas, TX)

Weinstein PR (Portland, OR)
WordWrite Communications (Pittsburgh, PA)

Carla Bianchi (São Paulo, Brazil)

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PRBI enables a small agency to enjoy the resources traditionally available to a much larger one. Financial economies of scale, shared best practices, enhanced client services, collaborative business development opportunities and personal relationships are all benefits of belonging.

Julia Labaton


PRBI is the only organization through which I can immediately access strategic and operational input from highly qualified, trusted industry peers. PRBI enables our firm to offer true international capabilities, which is important to the companies and organizations we serve, as well as our own long-term growth and success.

Dan Leinweber

Leinweber Associates

PRBI is a brain trust of smart individuals who face the same challenges I do, and I appreciate having access to the collective wisdom. Following the annual PR meeting, I walk away with at least 2-3 ideas I’m ready to implement immediately, and scores of additional ideas to work into my agency’s long term planning for success.

Lucy Siegal

Bridge Global Strategies

The PR Boutiques International Annual Meeting in Chicago was a perfect example of the benefits of membership in the organization. The meeting provided me with professional insights from other members as well as speakers we invited from outside the organization. In addition, I had a chance to deepen my relationships with 23 very smart and dynamic PR agency principals.

David Eichler

Decibel Blue

The power of PRBI is that you’re intimately connected to smart, seasoned PR pros who also happen to share your exact situation as a small agency owner. We understand each other’s challenges and are eager to help one another. PRBI is an agency owner’s support group, a well-connected network of peers, a business referral hub, and a forum for professional development, all at once.

Jeanette Darnauer

Darnauer Group Communications

Tapping into the senior PR practitioners who are members of PRBI is extremely beneficial – the group is very forthcoming with industry best practices, client service mantras, new business tips and how to attract and retain A List talent. Our agency has passed on multiple PR accounts to fellow PRBI members but has also received some really plumb clients including global brands in beauty, outdoor apparel and homeward.

Ann Gallery

High View Communications

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