Our Members

The PRBI Membership Advantage

A PR network is only as good as its members. We are a tightly knit group of boutique PR firms with international reach. Our members combine small PR agency client service with world class practice skills and sector experience. Our dues are USD $850 annually, which mainly underwrites our annual membership conference. We’re always on the lookout for high quality boutique firms around the world. The benefits our members enjoy are:


  • International partners you can trust to work with your clients
  • A community in which you can talk freely and where you can learn
  • A ‘brain trust’ of senior counselors that can bring experience and ideas to your work, in your market or theirs
  • A major source of fresh perspectives for your new business proposals
  • The opportunity to meet annually
  • Friends in faraway places. When working out of town, a local PRBI colleague can smooth your path
  • Higher visibility through our web site, marketing and networking
  • A source of potential business

Membership Qualifications

  • Be a boutique PR firm in which the principals work directly on client business. Individual freelancers working alone do not qualify. Firms with more than one employee do, including firms set up as “virtual organizations” that call on a defined team of people to handle client business
  • Agency must have been in business at least 3 years
  • No PRBI member may be a member of another, comparable network
  • Firms, not individuals, are members of PRBI
  • Agree and abide by PRBI’s Rules of Operation
  • Pay dues and fees on time
  • Share information, advice and expertise with other members
  • Respond promptly to PRBI and other members’ requests
  • Observe confidentiality and non-compete agreements
  • Be frank with other members when they request assistance
  • Not seek business in another member’s geographical market without that member’s permission
  • Actively participate in the work of the organization and get to know the other members
  • Promote PRBI in their own market and to their own client base

Why Become a Member?

Download this PDF to learn more about PRBI Membership

The value of PRBI comes from the combined experience of several senior PR practitioners who have worked all over the world. It’s hard to imagine how much it would cost a boutique agency owner to pull together the combined wisdom of PRBI when facing an important business or client issue. PRBI is a phenomenal resource and a great tool for smart agency growth. Julia Labaton


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