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Multi-Country Expansion


PRBI members can conduct impactful cross-border campaigns. The European Synthetic Turf Organization (ESTO) admired the work which a PRBI Atlanta member was doing for the U.S.-based Synthetic Turf Council (STC), an industry trade body, and asked to be introduced to a European partner. Following interviews in London and Brussels, PRBI’s U.K. member was appointed for a six-month campaign and designated the lead PRBI agency. During this campaign they worked with members in Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, and the United States.

Working with a limited budget, the PRBI European team created the infrastructure for a long-term communica- tion program, from writing multi-language versions of background briefing materials to building relationships with relevant journalists in key countries. An initial story about the size and impact of the synthetic turf industry in Europe was distributed across the continent in multiple languages and was well covered by the media.
The team also created a seven-minute video about the industry, shooting original footage across Europe and producing a final version in English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and German. The video launched at the FSB Exhibition in Cologne in October 2009.

Small PR Firms, Big Results

Together these boutique PR agencies created a European-wide media story and a six-language video to appeal to an international client base. As a result, the industry profile was raised substantially in Europe. For the U.S., the communication system linked to the U.S. “parent” through PRBI firms as a result of this international campaign.

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