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Kevin Lee (headshot)Didit’s Kevin Lee was recently interviewed by eMarketer’s Maria Minkser on the potential impact of the EU’s recent $2.7 billion fine against Google.

Kevin noted that brands need to pay attention to the CMS (content management system) chosen to host their content in order to reap the benefits of SEO. “The technology that most directly impacts search engine marketing and search engine optimization is the content management system,” Kevin observed. “A CMS that’s not designed with SEO in mind – for example, one that doesn’t allow users to create keyword-rich URLs – will hurt performance.”

Kevin also said that brands need to be very careful about which features are activated within their content management systems, because Google increasingly incorporates the user experience into the factors governing the operation of its ranking algorithm. “If a brand is being aggressive in monetizing a page, they might need to invest more heavily in off-page ranking factors to balance that,” he said.

Kevin suggested that the EU’s action against Google may indicate a future in which organic optimization practices may need to be precisely tuned to work safely within the regulatory frameworks operational within specific regional markets. “Content management systems will potentially have to become more dynamic in order to enable SEO based on different countries’ algorithms. CMS providers that work with international brands will have to think about how their clients are communicating their data to Google, given the changes that the EU ruling may set into motion. It’s going to be interesting to watch what happens and how content management providers respond.”

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