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May 15, 2017: Didit’s Eric Wiggins was quoted in the May 14th, 2017 issue of New York Newsday on the topic of new marketing technologies for direct mail.

Eric notes that personalized URLS “take away from the junk mail mentality” by providing a higher quality experience for the recipient of direct mail pieces. For example, marketers can send a mail piece with a URL which includes the recipient’s name or other individualized character string.

Personalized URLS “take away from that junk mail mentality” by providing a higher quality experience for the recipient

Such URLs are more likely to attract curious interest – and action — from the recipient, improving direct mail campaign conversion rates. Personalized URLs can also streamline data entry tasks for the user, because the URL can lead to an online form that is already partially filled out.

Campaigns using personalized URLs can present much richer, timelier insights for the direct mail marketer, allowing him/her to quickly determine which individuals in a mailing list have actually acted on the direct mail piece (and thus moved further through the conversion funnel).

Beyond personalized URLs, Eric observes that other advanced technologies can enhance the performance of direct mail campaigns. For example, mail campaigns can be coupled with online banner ad campaigns keyed to the geographical location of the recipient. Such online-offline integrations provide new personalization opportunities limited only by the marketer’s imagination.

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