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PR-Support gesucht!

results & relations – pr for technology ist eine ausschließlich auf die Technologie-Branche spezialisierte, international operierende PR-Agentur mit Büros in Wien und Amsterdam. Die Philosophie der Agentur lautet: „Wir bieten nicht alles -...

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B2B Marketing Strategy: How to Use Influencers for Best Results

Influencer marketing is quickly rising in the ranks as a top B2B marketing strategy. At a time when audiences are more distrustful of brands than ever, influencer marketing stands out as an effective and lucrative alternative to traditional marketing.

Before we discuss how to incorporate influencers into your B2B communications strategy, let’s review a comprehensive influencer marketing definition, and how you can begin using this tactic today.

Our Influencer Marketing Definition and How to Get Started

Influencer marketing works with individuals with a large following on social media. But this is more than just numbers. Because of the regular engagement

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MarkLogic maakt indruk tijdens de Computable Awards

Utrecht, 1 november 2017 – MarkLogic, de marktleider op het gebied van NoSQL databases voor enterprises, greep samen met de internationale IT-dienstverlener Endava net naast de Computable Award voor het ICT-project van het jaar in het MKB. Het...

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Keep Calm and Call a Publicist – Happy National Publicist Day!

At Fort Lauderdale PR firm Durée & Company, no one day is ever the same. As publicists, we are responsible for juggling many projects, tasks and deadlines. From drafting up the latest press release for a grand opening, to coordinating a special event, dealing with a crisis, or even running numerous social media accounts, we’re […]

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How to Build a Successful B2B Influencer Marketing Strategy


Virtually every sport has its own playbook — an amalgamation of the best plays and strategies. In much the same way, marketing has its own set of strategies. And B2B influencer marketing is at the top of our list.

Why do we say that? Because audiences have changed. There’s an ever-growing distrust of traditional marketing and advertisements. In one study, only 14% of people could recall the last time they saw an ad, and remember what it was promoting. The same study showed that 74% of people turned to social media networks for purchase decisions, and 49% of people

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Zyxel geeft resellers gratis microsite-in-a-box

Hoofddorp, 26 oktober 2017 – Zyxel biedt zijn resellers gratis een microsite-in-a-box aan. Deze microsite kunnen resellers integreren op hun eigen website of Facebook-pagina, zodat ze altijd een up-to-date productenportfolio van Zyxel tonen. De microsites zijn...

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Bedrijfsleven nog lang niet klaar voor Europese privacywet

Slechts een derde van bedrijven op schema met voorbereidingen voor AVG Amsterdam, 26 oktober 2017 – Het overgrote deel van de Nederlandse bedrijven verwacht dat de Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming grote impact gaat hebben op de eigen bedrijfsvoering....

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Wahlen & Koalitionsverhandlungen: Wie kommunizieren Sie erfolgreich eigene Interessen?

Seit der Bundestagswahl 2017 sind mit den sechs Fraktionen alle politisch-gesellschaftlichen Strömungen im bundesdeutschen Parlament vertreten. Was für die gelebte Demokratie gut sein kann, erschwert aber auch das Aushandeln neuer Koalitionen: Wo sich früher zwei Fraktionen zur Verhandlung zusammensetzten, treffen jetzt drei aufeinander. Hinzu kommt, dass diese drei Fraktionen nicht unbedingt als „natürliche“ Koalitionspartner angesehen werden. Es müssen drei Fraktionen – und eine Vielzahl von Personen – zueinander finden, die aktuell noch eine satte Distanz voneinander entfernt unterwegs sind.


Was bedeutet das für die Kommunikation von Interessen?


Verändern diese Bedingungen auch die Kommunikation von Unternehmens- und Verbandsinteressen? Genauso

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Have a Spooky Halloween This Year With D&Co’s Halloween Tips

It’s officially the spookiest season of the year! Not sure how to celebrate this fang-tastic holiday? Well, buy a costume and mark your calendars because the D&Co Dynamos of Fort Lauderdale PR firm, Durée & Company have you covered. To creep it real this Halloween, here is a list of the fun-filled Halloween activities in […]

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Storytelling from Bobette Buster’s perspective

This is an almost pocket-sized book, and is a quick and easy read. Bobette Buster is a renowned storytelling consultant and lecturer, and shares her personal perspectives into storytelling. Two takeaways from reading this book: 1) Vulnerability is not a bad thing, not...

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Customer service = client service: PR lessons from a restaurant pioneer

The pioneering CBS newsmagazine “60 Minutes” might no longer be appointment viewing like it was during its first 25 years, when at least 20 million people tuned in each week.

But it’s still the gold standard in investigative reporting and the personality profiles are typically just as compelling.

Take, for instance, a segment on the Oct. 8 episode spotlighting Danny Meyer, a restaurant entrepreneur who has been the innovator behind many dining experiences we take for granted.

His company, Union Square Hospitality Group, oversees 15 different restaurants, including upscale eateries, casual bistros and a little burger chain you might have

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Thank you for your patience

Patiently listening while being thanked for my patience.

“Thank you for your patience.”  When I see it in a letter or hear it from a customer service representative, I often think, “Hmmm…but maybe I’m not being patient.”

As a homeowner and business owner in Houston, Texas, I’ve seen and heard this more than usual in the past month.  That’s because we are living in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, when recovery and other services are in high demand and not always readily available.  As a result, so many affected by Harvey’s flooding are being routinely  thanked for their patience –

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How to Measure the Results of B2B Influencer Marketing


Still on the fence about influencer marketing? 

Consider this stat: 49% of people say they rely on third party recommendations before making purchase decisions. This illustrates why B2B influencer marketing is growing in power and popularity among many marketers.

But how does this power and popularity translate to ROI? Can you measure the results of your influencer marketing program? Does lack of effective measurement hold you back from embracing influencer marketing as a tool in your campaigns? We’re here to help.

First, let’s discuss…

How Does Influencer Marketing Help Your Brand?

Influencer marketing is still in its infancy stages.

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